Expansion Opportunities

Matagorda County is an ideal location to start or expand a business. There are numerous opportunities for growth in our industrial, agricultural, aquaculture, and marine fisheries sectors. We have existing assets to support expansions, and in turn, such expansion will provide greater opportunities for retail, residential, and service sector developers and builders.

Matagorda County Features:

  • Large tracts of flat land
  • Commercial barge service on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the Colorado River
  • Rail service by Union Pacific RR and Burlington Northern/Santa Fe RR
  • 345KV and 138KV power lines crisscrossing the county
  • An extensive pipeline network carrying multiple products
  • An educational “Grow our own skilled employees” program
  • Skill development training for employees – grants available.

Areas of Expansion

As a county, we are looking to expand our existing agricultural, chemical, manufacturing, and power production assets and become a Manufacturing and Energy Cluster. We have an existing nuclear power plant, a large wind power plant, a large steel pipe manufacturer, as well as gas processing plants, oil and gas well production, and large tracts for development.