Bay City CDC

The City of Bay City, is truly the gateway to the great outdoors of beaches, bays, rivers, bird watching, fishing, boating, hunting, nature walks, kayaking, sailing and golfing to name a few.

Bay City residents enjoy the best of both worlds being just an hour drive from the fast pace of Houston, Texas and 20 minutes from the unspoiled beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Bay City area truly provides “the good life” for business with an excellent business climate and an attractive, affordable lifestyle. In Bay City, small town values survive and a sense of community permeates every activity. For businesses looking to expand or relocate, Bay City is a great choice.

Matagorda County has a power generating company, which is undergoing permitting, interested in locating within the county, and a specialty chemical plant is in construction. Their employment needs would generate a demand for 2,000+ construction workers and 225+ new permanent jobs upon completion.

As the largest city in Matagorda County, Bay City is likely to capture a large amount of the county’s upcoming growth. Bay City is actively pursuing new housing development and retail recruitment to provide the amenities that our citizens need.

The Bay City Community Development Corporation is a 4 B sales tax corporation under the Development Corporation Act. Its function is to administer the expenditure of sales taxes for community and economic development programs in the City of Bay City.

The mission of the Bay City Community Development Corporation is to enhance Bay City’s economy by retaining and creating jobs, expanding the tax base, and providing for a better quality of life.

The office will assist with tax abatement applications to the City of Bay City and work with infrastructure and financing issues for businesses expanding or relocating to Bay City.