About Us

The Matagorda County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) Board represents all of Matagorda County. It is comprised of 8 appointed members, which represent three public funding entities – Matagorda County, Bay City Community Development and the Port of Bay City Authority — as well as the four Chambers of Commerce from Bay City, Matagorda, Palacios, and Sargent. All Board directives are implemented by an Executive Director and a Director of Communications.

The MCEDC is focused on growing Matagorda County through the recruitment of new industries, commercial businesses, tourism infrastructure, and the expansion of existing businesses. It seeks to expand our agriculture and aquaculture sectors through new crops, value-added opportunities, and recruiting local supplier and processing businesses.

MCEDC Board of Directors & Staff

County Judge Bobby Seiferman

Matagorda County Commissioners Court

Kandas Graham

Vice President Sargent Chamber of Commerce

Mitch Thames

Bay City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture

George Harrison

Port of Bay City Authority

Sue Milberger*

Matagorda Area Chamber of Commerce

Karen Restivo*

Matagorda Area Chamber of Commerce

Matt Ashcraft

Port of Bay City Authority

Dr. Bill Chapman

Palacios Chamber of Commerce

Mike Estlinbaum

Matagorda County Commissioners Court

Jessica Russell

Bay City Community Development Corporation

Jim Folse

Bay City Community Development Corporation

Mike Ferdinand

Executive Director
Matagorda County Economic Development Corporation

* Shared position: on/off every six months with one vote combined.

Areas of Economic Potential

MCEDC uses the county’s assets to promote economic development. Its goal is to diversify the county’s economy by creating an Energy Cluster that builds on our existing agricultural, chemical, and power production assets.

Our energy assets include:

  • The South Texas Project nuclear plant and other renewable technology opportunities
  • Peyton Creek Wind Farm (180 MW)
  • North American headquarters of Tenaris steel pipe manufacturer
  • Renewable energy crops for power and fuel production
  • Multiple oil and gas lines
  • Rail service by two providers
  • Commercial barge service on the Intracoastal Waterway and Colorado River Channel
  • A high capacity transmission grid
  • Air quality attainment
  • Surface, ground and brackish water supplies
  • Large amounts of open land with opportunities for various types of conventional, alternative, and green energy processes

We are poised for growth. Come! Join us in making it happen.