Matagorda County - A Natural Environment for Business

Matagorda County is ideally situated on State Highway 35 between Galveston and Corpus Christi, Texas. Located just 65 miles from the Houston metro area, the county spreads out over 1,114 square miles of prairies, creeks, and rivers and boasts more than 65 miles of scenic Gulf Coast coastline.

Targeted Industries

Matagorda County has a rich history in agricultural commerce, with other top industries including educational services, health care, and social services. Opportunities abound as the county seeks retail, residential, and apartment developers to meet our coming construction and new permanent worker demands.

Labor and Workforce

A tractor harvesting crops.


We offer employers affordable labor with opportunities for funded workforce training. Matagorda County’s most common occupations include:

  • Electrical equipment mechanics, installers, and repair technicians
  • Production occupations and supervisors
  • Building, grounds cleaning, and maintenance occupations
  • Construction trades
  • Agricultural workers

Leading Employers

The top employers in Matagorda County according to our 2021 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report are:

  • South Texas Project
  • Tenaris
  • Bay City ISD
  • Matagorda Hospital
  • Matagorda County


Cows in a pasture

Matagorda County offers incentives for businesses that establish themselves and create jobs for our citizens including:

  • Employee recruitment & training
  • Tailored services to help locate or expand
  • Tax abatement policies for qualifying firms
  • Tax-free industrial/environmental bonds
Labor Force
Household Income
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I invite you to Matagorda County. Whether you are looking to relocate, expand or build new business, Matagorda County has all of the inputs you will need to site, permit, build and successfully operate your business. We have one of the lowest tax rates in Texas, which, coincidentally, collects no personal income tax. We can receive your raw materials and ship your finished products via truck, rail or water and have a hard-working populace. The pool of workers can be built into your customized workforce at the Bay City campus of Wharton County Junior College.

Again, I hope you will take a look at Matagorda County for your next investment and I look forward to meeting and working with you to that end.

— Matagorda County Judge Bobby Seiferman