Top Employers

This list includes Matagorda County's top employers and the number of employees they reported by Dec. 31, 2013. 
The list is taken from the Matagorda County, Texas Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Pg. 85) as compiled by Matagorda County Auditor Cathy Ezell. 

Top Employers in Matagorda County


South Texas Project

Bay City ISD


Matagorda Regional Medical Center

Palacios ISD

City of Bay City

Matagorda County



Van Vleck ISD

Tidehaven ISD


Tenaris Bay City*

McAda Drilling Fluids

Dunn Heat Exchangers**

Top Industrial Employers in Matagorda County 


South Texas Project


Tenaris Bay City*

OxeaMcAda Drilling Fluids
Tres Palacios Marine

* TenarisBayCity, a seamless steel pipe manufacturer, is currently under construction. The global company will employ approximately 600 permanent employees once full production begins in 2016.  

**Dunn Heat Exchangers, a company that will service industrial heat exchangers, is expected to begin construction in 2014. They will employ 25 in the first phase and increase to 100 employees.  

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